Just like the Pro sight, the Pro FX was designed to allow archers to fine-tune their setup quickly and accurately with micro-click adjustment. The head and windage of the Pro FX also has Black Gold’s micro-click adjustment but eliminates the dial-of-death for those that do not require the extra floating pin option and want an overall lighter weight sight.

“The Pro FX is built in direct response to consumers. We are hunters first and want to ensure everything we build makers archers better. If they ask for it, we build it,” said Todd Snader, brand manager, Black Gold Sights.

The Pro FX also features second and third axis adjustability, micro-click individually adjustable pins and is available in Pro X Base or the 6-inch Wing Truss. As with all sights in the Pro Series, it is constructed from a 6061 aluminum design and comes with Black Gold’s unconditional guarantee.

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