Brooklyn, NY (May 6, 2024) – BioLite, an innovator in global off-grid energy solutions, is proud to announce the 2023 milestone of delivering safe, renewable energy access to over eight million individuals across sub-Saharan Africa. Detailed in the social enterprise’s recently published 2023 Impact Report, this achievement is made possible through a combination of BioLite’s breakthrough products, unique business model, and strategic partnerships that accelerate scale while amplifying impact. 

“The transition to renewable energy is urgently needed, imminently possible – and anything but straightforward,” shares BioLite CEO Jonathan Cedar. “With the help of our partners – from our local distributors in Africa to our outdoor partners here in the US – we can navigate complex global markets and continue to build a future where everyone has the ability to safely cook, charge, and light daily life.”

One such partnership is the first-of-its kind, multi-year carbon partnership with outdoor retailer REI Co-op, announced last week in the retailer’s 2023 Impact Report. Through this partnership, BioLite is able to manufacture and distribute 30,000 additional clean cookstoves to households, generating verified carbon credits that allow REI to account for operational emissions as they pursue their long term path to a net-zero future.

“We prioritize climate actions that limit emissions while empowering people,” said Andrew Dempsey, Director of Climate at REI. “And as a co-op, we often find this intersection through direct collaboration with our community. Our partnership with BioLite is a great example of this approach.”

As of 2023, BioLite clean cookstoves have avoided over two million tons of CO2e emissions from entering the atmosphere, roughly the equivalent of taking 537,000 cars off the road for a year.

BioLite’s most recent impact news is a testament to their unique business model known as Parallel Innovation: revenues generated by the outdoor recreation market get reinvested into the programs, products, and partnerships required to achieve scale and long term adoption of clean energy solutions. From retailers to end-customers, every purchase of a BioLite outdoor product helps deliver safe energy around the world. 

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