Durham, NC, November 1, 2019 — Since its inception, community and helping those less fortunate has been a cornerstone of Balega International. This year, Balega is proud to launch a limited-edition collection of Hidden Comfort socks to benefit the Lesedi Project, Balega’s non-profit organization and give-back initiative to strengthen South African and American communities. The new Limited Edition Lesedi Hidden Comfort line will be available in select run specialty retail stores in November.

“Giving back to the community is as important to Balega as the socks we make, and we are here to help and serve those around us — those in our community, and those we may not see,” said Tanya Pictor, Vice President of Marketing for Balega. “To celebrate 16 years of Balega, we are excited to launch the limited edition Lesedi Hidden Comfort sock collection in honor of all those who run and those who dream to run.”

For every pair of Limited Edition Lesedi Hidden Comfort socks sold, $1 will be donated to the Lesedi Project. Lesedi, meaning “Light and Enlightenment,” is a project Balega spearheaded in 2004 to give back to its community. Through the Lesedi Project, Balega has been a proud partner of the Ethembeni School, home to disabled and visually impaired children from predominantly rural areas of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Balega’s partnership drives the school’s scholarship program, allowing 12 designated children to attend free of charge.

These young learners, who face challenges many of us will never experience, are a constant reminder that anything is possible. Through the guidance of their teachers and leaders, the students learn that nothing is out of their reach, and with perseverance, consistency and a bit of patience, they will accomplish great things. Receiving only 30-percent of its funding from the government, the Ethembeni School is reliant on outside sources to maintain their unique teaching programs.

Each of the six new limited-edition Lesedi Hidden Comfort socks will be sold with a matching beaded bracelet made by the children of the Ethembeni School. The limited-edition collection will be available in select retail stores on November 1 and will retail for $15 MSRP. For more information and to locate a Balega dealer near you, please visit Balega.com.