LOGE Camps [pronounced: lodge] proudly announces the launch of its Sustainable Travel Program, in conjunction with Giving Tuesday, as part of the brand’s promise to continually increase and evolve its efforts in sustainability and environmental impact. The program will allow all LOGE-goers to opt into the $3 donation program at checkout when booking a stay at any LOGE Camps property. 

The LOGE Camps team hopes the new program will not only make a direct impact in offsetting its guests’ carbon impact from travel but that it will also educate guests on the role individuals play in the outcome of the environment. LOGE selected Cool Effect™ and Trees for the Future as the two non-profit partner organizations to support through the Sustainable Travel Program. Two dollars from every donation will go to Cool Effect and one dollar will be donated to Trees for the Future.

“As lovers of the outdoors, we believe it’s up to every one of us to help better the planet and places we play,” said Johannes Airnes, CEO and Founder of LOGE Camps. “Understanding how our actions, especially when adventuring, impact the world is particularly important, and finding the right partner organizations to propel this effort forward was paramount to our decision.” 

Cool Effect works with a multitude of different projects around the globe, all of which are aimed at decreasing carbon footprint while simultaneously benefiting local communities. Two dollars from every one of LOGE’s Sustainable Travel donations will support the building of BioDigesters — systems that manage waste and provide communities with access to clean energy via the Building Biogas Digesters in Rural Vietnam project. To date, over 150,000 BioDigesters have been built in Vietnam. In supporting this project, for every $5.77 donated, one ton of CO2 emissions produced when traveling to LOGE Camps locations will be offset, meaning each Sustainable Travel donation will cover the carbon of 1000+ miles driving or a three-hour flight. 

LOGE’s other partner organization, Trees for the Future,  is on a mission to provide oxygen-producing benefits via the use of ‘forest gardens’  in sub-Saharan Africa. For every one dollar contributed via LOGE’s Sustainable Travel Program, ten trees will be planted in the form of a ‘forest garden’ — promising not only a positive environmental  impact, but also an improvement in population stability and food resources in some of the areas of the globe that will be hit hardest by climate change. 

“LOGE Camps believe in helping people engage with the outdoors so that they care more about the environment, and a large part of the way that we do this is by providing incredible places to play in beautiful outdoor settings,” said Garret Van Swearingen, Director of Content and Brand Partnerships. The LOGE team  recognizes that bringing people to these outdoor towns increases usage of local non-profit work such as trail building, avalanche forecasting, and other outdoor organizations, which is one of the many reasons LOGE Camps has always committed one percent of revenue from each LOGE location to a local non-profit that fosters responsible outdoor use and access.

The brand’s Sustainable Travel Program is a continuation of this effort to encourage guests to Live Outside Go Explore, while also fostering and incentivizing environmentally friendly, sustainable travel habits to some of the most beautiful destinations around the country.

For more information on LOGE Camps’ Sustainable Travel Program, please visit logecamps.com/sustainable-travel.

About LOGE Camps: LOGE Camps is a hospitality startup based in North Bend, WA. Since its start in 2017, LOGE has been renovating and bringing new life to mid-century era motels on the road to being condemned. In the process they create valuable experiences in previously underutilized spaces, while also creating jobs, supporting local nonprofits, and building community. In addition to modern hotel rooms, LOGE Camps have a variety of lodging options such as a hostel, camping, and RV sites. With a passion for the outdoors, LOGE is committed to protecting the environment, not only by renovating existing hotels but by connecting people to the outdoors. LOGE fosters connections and adventures that engage people in the outdoors making them better stewards of the environment.

About Cool Effect™: Cool Effect is a San Francisco Bay Area 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to reducing carbon emissions around the world by allowing individuals, businesses, organizations and universities to create a tangible impact on climate change by funding the highest quality carbon reduction projects that are verifiably and measurably reducing global warming emissions. The organization was founded by Dee and Richard Lawrence on their passionate belief that support of carbon offset projects will create a cumulative effect that will reduce and prevent carbon pollution. Like the Butterfly Effect, The Ripple Effect, and others, a single action can have a global impact. To learn more, please visit cooleffect.org or follow Cool Effect on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

About Trees For The Future: Trees for the Future takes a similar socially conscious approach to the task of planting trees, by creating sustainable “Forest Gardens” in sub-Saharan Africa that not only provide all the oxygen-producing benefits that come with more trees in the world, but are in the form of “Shade Farms” that local communities are able to utilize as food sources, and help support stable populations in some of the areas of the globe that will be hit hardest by climate change. Trees for the Future has planted over 160 million trees all across the globe in its 30-year existence. For every $1 donated 10 trees will be planted in the form of Forest Gardens.