At a time when every voice counts, it’s important to stand up and use yours to support those in, and outside your community. As an athlete with a platform, professional CX racer Tobin Ortenblad, and his good friend and fellow racer Dillon Hollinger, wanted to use their own voice to bring the cycling community together by raising awareness for social injustice. ​To do this, Tobin and Dillon developed a fundraising campaign around an Everesting attempt.

Tobin and Dillon turned this into a 200+ mile adventure throughout the Santa Cruz Mountains without a single hill repeat, all to raise money for two causes they really believe in: B​lack Lives Matter and Bike Santa Cruz County’s Youth Advocacy Program. What began as a $6,000 GoFundMe goal, turned into a $20,000 fundraising campaign in just four days. And the campaign is still going strong. 

To see more, check out Dillon and Tobin’s social feed, check in at Big Rides, Big Cause.