PHIT America added sporting goods industry veteran executive Doug Gordon to its board of directors. The decision to name Gordon to the board was made during PHIT America’s recently completed board of directors meeting on December 21, 2016.

Gordon’s history in sports and fitness started when he walked on the Indiana University football team in 1972, which helped him earn a college scholarship and secure a career in the sporting goods industry with a number of brands.

Gordon has worked with Wilson, Adidas, Fila, Mizuno, Kappa Lanzera and Speedo during his sporting goods industry career.

“Doug Gordon has been a proponent of physical activity, whether he is competing in sports or simply being physically active on a daily basis, for his entire life,” said PHIT America Founder Jim Baugh. “More importantly, Doug understands that while physical activity is a national issue, the sports & fitness industry needs to come together now to turn around the ‘Inactivity Pandemic’ which is impacting more than 80 million Americans.”

“Our industry must get behind the PHIT America campaign and the cause of reversing physical inactivity in America,” said Gordon, 62, of Mount Pleasant, SC. “The ‘Inactivity Pandemic’ will not turn around by itself. Our industry must take a lead in getting America more active, playing sports, fit and healthy. And, PHIT America is the perfect way for everyone to help.”

A year ago, Gordon expressed his commitment to supporting PHIT America by riding his bicycle across the U.S. in order to serve as an attention-getter for PHIT America and highlight the need for daily P.E. in all U.S. schools for all students.

Joining Gordon on the board of directors for PHIT America are Jim Baugh (founder, PHIT America); Tom Cove (Sports & Fitness Industry Association); Chip Baldwin (CFO Solutions of Maryland); Dave Landa (Kintone); John McNulty (Didgebridge); Helen Rockey (See Kai Run); and Rusty Saunders (Saunders & Associates).

In 2017, PHIT America is focused on three solutions to reversing the Inactivity Pandemic: (1) getting millions of children physical active via PHIT America GO! Grants, which provide direct financial support to deserving elementary school P.E. programs; (2) educating millions of parents about the benefits of physical activity and PHIT America’s work through a soon-to-be-released 30-minute documentary; and (3) having the U.S. Congress pass common-sense pro-physical activity legislation (the PHIT Act) which will help get America more physically active and reduce health care costs.

Photo courtesy PHIT America