Petsmart, the largest pet specialty retailer, introduced the Arcadia Trail Collection, exclusively through the retailers stores and through its website, featuring LED and glow-in-the-dark items, for humans and their pets to share adventures together this summer.

“Summer is a great time to get outdoors and make memories with our pets, and we know pet parents want products that will help them do so safely and comfortably,” said James Elasky, SVP of merchandising and chief merchant at PetSmart. “This year’s Arcadia Trail collection seamlessly blends durability, functionality and affordability to empower pet parents and their dogs to explore with confidence—whether in their neighborhood or on a big adventure.”

Pet parents “often share that keeping their dogs safe is a top concern when considering outdoor activities,” reported Petsmart. Arcadia Trail addresses this with the Arcadia Trail collection, which is “designed to make outdoor activities safer and more fun, including camping, hiking, and water play.”

Arcadia Trail Products Include:

The collection also features apparel, safety and travel gear to ensure dogs for the outdoors.

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Images courtesy Petsmart