Outdoor Market Alliance (OMA), a collective of 25 independent sales and marketing agencies representing over 175 outdoor and active lifestyle brands, will host its third fall market week series from November 13-17 and November 27 through December 2.

OMA said that based on year-over-year success, they are now welcoming Rockies regional retail buyers to its Denver headquarters over the two weeks, where attendees can preview new products, merchandise shop assortments and place purchase orders from one central location.

“Our market weeks are now proven to be both efficient and preferred by many of our Rockies-based retail buyers, so much so that we’ve extended them seasonally into two-week events each summer and fall,” said Steve Copeland, president and founding board member of OMA. “It has been amazing to see our original vision continue to grow into a vibrant epicenter for outdoor business, now welcoming both buyers and media twice each year.”

“OMA’s market weeks continue to build year-over-year and always prove successful,” said Holly Yeary of Ascension Sales group, with showrooms at the OMA. “In addition to some larger retailers coming in early, our market weeks are fully booked, as retailers know they can schedule at their convenience and stay as long as they need in order to get business done. Even in a season where we may be seeing fewer new product launches as brands wade through inventory excess, OMA market weeks are another continual and efficient touchpoint throughout the year for connecting brands and buyers.”

“Our vision in creating the OMA was in finding new ways of doing business,” added Copeland. “Extending our market weeks, our partnership with Elastic Suite, and our growing media shows are all amazing examples of seeing that vision actualized. Our retail buyers love the convenience of market weeks that fit their schedule and convenience, so extending these weeks has been really well received, while buyers also know we’re here year-round.”

The OMA will also host its fourth Denver Media Show February 21-22, 2024, where OMA said “a growing number of editors and journalists are able to preview new products and discover new stories from outdoor and active lifestyle brands, all onsite at OMA’s Denver hub.”

Photo courtesy Outdoor Market Alliance