Norrøna opened its global headquarters, over 8,200 square feet, which includes the brand’s largest store, an event space and the company’s newest venture into the restaurant industry, with the Naturen Brasserie, in Lysaker, Norway.

“We said that we can create the most impressive, coolest retail concept in the world if we were given the right framework conditions. And now we have,” said Jørgen Jørgensen, Norrøna’s fourth-generation CEO and owner.

The Norrøna House flagship store is over 16 feet tall and includes a color wall at the entrance made of Gore-Tex. The company wove in the stories of its 94-year heritage, chronicling its expeditions and timelines of its most important collections, to the “Complexity of Simplicity” installation, representing its design philosophy—”Loaded Minimalism.”

Below the sky roof, Norrøna installed a Gore-Tex-approved Storm Lab for the company’s in-house designers and customers to test new and old products. At more than 2,600 square feet, the store features Norrøna’s full collection and is also the site for REuse, its second-hand store.

The second-hand store is part of a full-scale initiative from the brand—Norrøna REuse—incorporated into other aspects of the company. In the store, customers can return Norrøna products for
REpair, purchase outlet items for a REduced price, REfit Norrøna products for a custom fit, REcycle Norrøna products, REfresh gear for upcoming seasons, or “try before you buy” at the Rental shop.

“To achieve zero waste, we have to rely on a circular economy in practice, which is a fascinating model with which to conduct our business,” said Jørgensen.

The “modern theatre within Norrøna House” holds 130 people; the attached event space has a flexible setup to transform into a catwalk or to host a concert.

Inspired by the company’s vision, “Welcome to Nature,” Naturen Brasserie will debut in 2024 as a new Nordic eatery offering seasonal, traditional foods with locally sourced ingredients. Exposed raw materials and views of the nearby Fåbrofossen waterfall, Naturen Brasserie is Norrøna’s “ambition to have House guests feel inspired and cared for.”

“My motivation stems from bringing Norrøna’s vision, ‘Welcome to nature’ to life. I look forward to experimenting with high-quality produce and drawing inspiration from Norwegian traditions and history, just as Norrøna has done with their collections,” said Maria Korotaeva, Naturen Brasserie food and beverage manager.

Built in 1862, the 9,800-square-foot renovated former paper factory lies in the heart of Lilleaker, a previously industrial part of Norway’s capital- turned-upscale-business district. The hot rolled steel used throughout the House is 90 percent recycled and was chosen based on its resemblance to the Trollveggen mountain face. All the woodwork used “was traced and sourced responsibly.” The lighting was changed to LED, and the brand’s building partner, Mustad, worked with a sustainable power solution.

“It’s essential to choose materials that reflect the quality of the product and the brand. It has to be of the highest quality so that when you enter a Norrøna store, office, showroom, wherever – you know right away where you are. All the choices should reflect that,” said Bård Kvamme, director of Norrøna Retail.

As a means to preserve as much heritage of the building as possible, the contracted building team took apart the original bricks of the former factory, washed them and then reused them for the interior and exterior walls of the new building.

Celebrating the Norrøna House launch, there will be an in-store event in all retail stores worldwide on November 10.

Photo courtesy Norrøna