Osmo, a sports nutrition company that was notorious for making male- and female-specific hydration formulas, will re-launch its brand and product line after closing operations in November 2015. The news comes as the company’s original CEO and Co-Founder Ben Capron makes a return to the company. Fellow Co-founder Stacy Sims is no longer on board, and is instead collaborating with competing hydration company Nuun and Co.

Osmo Products will be available again in January direct from its online store, osmonutrition.com, and also from local retailers and other resellers.

Osmo’s sports hydration and recovery products are based on peer-reviewed science to provide performance benefits to athletes. Much of its consumer base is in the cycling world.

“It’s surreal, but awesome how things have turned out,” said Capron. “Osmo was founded to help athletes feel great and be great. The product and science from Osmo have always supported that. Peter (Sagan) was one athlete we started helping back in 2013, and like many, he’s come to rely on Osmo every time he rides.”

Osmo will be launching three products for men and three for women, each focused on the stage the athlete is in when hydrating — Preload Hydration, Active Hydration and Acute Recovery.

Photo courtesy Osmo Nutrition