Orchid Advisors, a compliance and operations firm for the firearm industry, launched an annual Operations & Strategy Conference. The inaugural event will be held August 17-18, 2017 at the Marriott Copley Place in Boston, MA.

Orchid Advisors and Gemini Southern, a merchant bank and the event’s title sponsor, will host speakers pertaining to debt/equity capital structure and sources of financing, operations principles, consumer-focused market analytics and operations technology.

“Our industry executives are not unlike any other business leaders – they seek capital investments, market intelligence and product innovation to grow their business, well defined processes and technology to drive repeatable profits,” said Jim Drager, executive director of Orchid’s strategy and operations practice. “We have created a forum for the industry’s leadership to advance their knowledge on core strategy and operations principles while gaining insight from the perspective of the industry’s top financial lenders.”

The 2017 Firearms Industry Operations & Strategy Conference will provide manufacturing, distribution and retail leaders with intermediate to advanced level discussions on:

  • Market analysis – consumer patterns derived from marketplace insights point of sale analytics.
  • Product innovation – strategies for getting to market and managing obsolescence.
  • World class operations – minimizing constraints and maximizing productivity.
  • Sales and operations planning – aligning demand with operational capabilities.
  • Growth strategies – Vertical and horizontal mergers and acquisitions.
  • Supply chain management – from supplier development to inventory reduction strategy.
  • Technology enablement – implementing or configuring ERP/WMS/POS to drive business.

“We are honored to have the executives at Gemini Southern join us as the title sponsor for the event,” said Jon Rydberg, CEO of Orchid Advisors. “Their expertise in business formation and exit strategies and debt/equity financial structures align well to this conference. Many business owners plateau their growth due to lack of financial expertise needed to fuel their business operations. Gemini Southern will augment the operations and technology agenda with several discussions as to how financing can be obtained to drive market-facing and operational growth initiatives.”

Attendees can register here.