Opedix, maker of Kinetic Health Gear for performance, recovery and rehabilitation, launched a new website designed to be a comprehensive resource for kinetic health. The site features the latest research, videos and even an opportunity to take an online kinetic health test.

Kinetic health is a measure of how well and efficiently the body moves-its a complex subject, but also vital to maximizing athletic performance and reducing injuries, said Brian Cousins, vice president of business development at Opedix. We redesigned our website to be an educational platform first and foremost.

Visitors to the new Opedix site can take a questionnaire to determine their Knee Injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score, a standardized measure of kinetic health that compares the users against those of people of the same sex and age range. Armed with that information, visitors can determine what steps they may need to take to improve their kinetic health.

The websites Community page is a compilation of blog articles about the latest kinetic health research and science, as well as product reviews and ambassador profiles. Members of the Opedix Ambassador team, which includes top athletes like Travis Rice, Kim Havell and Chris Anthony, are profiled to show how kinetic health impacts their day-to-day athletics.

Finally, the new website provides a clear explanation of how Opedixs Torque Reform Technology works. Over a half dozen studies conducted by some of the top orthopedic and medical research institutes in the United States are published on the site.