Outdoor Industry Association endorsed a shift of the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market dates from the third week of July back to the first week of August in 2010 and beyond. The shift comes after Canoe and Kayak Magazine announced its intention to launch a competing paddlesports show in September 2010 in Minneapolis, MN. The new show stemmed from several challenges that faced paddlesports companies due to the July show dates.


These challenges included the difficult show dates, poor demo location, escalating costs, a lack of paddlesports prominence on the show floor, missing eastern retailers and no paddle industry leadership. Nielsen and OIA proposed several new initiatives that solve, or put in motion, mechanisms that will solve all of these challenges.

In response, OIA and several representatives from the paddlesports industry formed the Paddlesports Council to examine the issues and negotiate solutions with Nielsen Business Media that benefit all ORSM attendees, including paddlesports retailers and vendors. Sutton Bacon, president and CEO of Nantahala Outdoor Center, was appointed to head the volunteer group.

In addition to the show date shift, the board also endorsed a new portfolio of tradeshow benefits for the paddlesports community, as well as endorsed the inclusion of the NBM-owned Fly Fishing Retailer trade show, subject to American Fly Fishing Trade Association (AFFTA) acceptance, into the summer market to create a broader water culture. Finally, all possible Open Air Demo locations within 50 miles of the Salt Lake Palace were carefully reviewed against 14 specific demo location criteria. Through this review, Jordanelle State Park has been recommended by OR, the Paddlesports Council, and endorsed by OIA as the site of the 2010 Open Air Demo.

Nielsen Business Media is also offering a “large boat booth space discount” which offers 40% discounts for space dedicated to exhibiting boats or boards. For all paddle companies who are also OIA members, an additional 8% booth discount will apply to their total booth fees for 2010 increasing to 10% discount in 2011. Outdoor Retailer has also secured overnight boat trailer parking at no cost for exhibiting paddle companies.

Due to all of these concessions, Canoe & Kayak Magazine has decided to indefinitely postpone their proposed tradeshow.
NBM has also offered the Paddlesports Council a $30,000 grant in matching funds. OIA and the Paddlesports Council hopes that paddlesports companies will decide to make donations to support future efforts to increase paddlesports participation.