Nfinity, the women’s team sport company, has collaborated with UK materials firm, d3o to design the new Nfinity d3o Kneepad, which is called the “smallest and thinnest kneepad” on the market designed for female volleyball players. The Nfinity d3o Kneepad is the first non-shoe product released by Nfinity.

d3o is a patented, shock-absorbing material made with intelligent molecules that flow as you move and upon impact, the molecules lock together to absorb shock and resist impact. The Nfinity d3o Kneepad also features a moisture management system that gives consumers the ability to remove and wash the sleeves separately, keeping them fresh.

Already used in extreme sports and military protective gear, the introduction of d3o technology in the Nfinity d3o Kneepad marks the beginning of a strategic partnership for both organizations in the volleyball protective wear market.

“We can’t wait to get the product out there,” said Nfinity CEO Tate Chalk. “Utilizing this innovative material in our new kneepads proves that protection doesn’t have to be rigid and bulky. It’s possible to achieve the same level of protection in flexible protective sports gear that reacts to your needs.”

“It was a pleasure to work with Nfinity to design an innovative product that will make a mark in the protective wear industry. Focusing the d3o protection where the players actually need it, resulted in a comfortable and unobtrusive kneepad that is unusually short and thin,” said d3o founder Richard Palmer.

The Nfinity d3o™ Kneepad will be available in October 2009.