Nike received the most brand exposure value during NBC's final-round broadcast of the 2007 U.S. Open Championship on June 17, according to by Relay Worldwide's Brand Exposure Analysis.

Nike, with almost $2.1 million in broadcast exposure value, and PING, the second highest valued brand at $1.4 million, together gathered almost twice the value of the remaining eight brands that round out the top ten. The two brands' dominance in exposure value is largely due to their featured placement on Tiger Woods' and eventual-champion Angel Cabrera's apparel – two players featured prominently as they led the field and fought for the championship title.

The results were calculated by Relay Worldwide's Brand Exposure Analysis, a proprietary technology that electronically tracks the appearance of all brands during a televised event and calculates with unprecedented accuracy the monetary value of each brand's broadcast exposure.

According to Relay's analysis, logo placement on all golfers' apparel accounted for 86 percent of the total brand exposure during the final broadcast – a total of almost $5.3 million in value from branding placed
on hats and various areas of players' shirts.

The following are brand exposure rankings for the U.S. Open Championship – Final Round NBC, June 17, 2007:

1. Nike – $2,091,369 (0:22:19 total time, 1905 views from Ames, Casey,
Kim, Sabbatini, Woods clothing; signage)
2. PING – $1,409,674 (0:15:40 time, 1323 views from Cabrera and Watson
clothing and equipment)
3. Srixon – $558,089 (0:07:18 time, 487 views from Furyk clothing and
4. MacGregor – $345,856 (0:04:19 time, 326 views from Baddeley
clothing and equipment)
5. MetLife – $213,267 (0:01:53 time, 113 views from blimp branding and
6. South African Airways – $206,033 (0:03:07 time, 187 views from
Cabrera clothing)
7. Exelon – $170,109 (0:02:42 time, 176 views from Furyk clothing)
8. ECCO – $144,122 (0:02:16 time, 136 views from Baddeley clothing)
9. TaylorMade – $141,878 (0:02:02 time, 127 views from Funk, Rose,
Toms, Verplank clothing; Rose and Verplank's equipment
10. Lexus – $86,013 (0:00:49 time, 64 views from the signage, screen
credits and featured automobile)