Nike Inc. is opening its seventh NikeLab store, NikeLab MA5, after launching the unique destination category in June of 2014. The new location will open in Tokyo on December 1, 2016.

NikeLab stores in New York, London, Paris, Milan, Shanghai and Hong Kong currently feature the company’s latest product innovations and collections. They also include an experimental retail design that features more sustainable materials, adaptable furnishings and various local integrations (think of them as a retail art gallery).

The NikeLab MA5 has a a thematic focus on uniting nature and technology, and seeks to engage the senses of the consumer, i.e. the shop has its own smell profile.

Additionally, Nike designers worked with long-term engineering partner Arthur Huang, founder of design firm Miniwiz, to incorporate Japanese culture and traditions. Tatami mat floors pair with locally sourced wood walls in the digitally-powered fitting rooms; the same wood appears on modular display cubes alongside Nike Grind display benches, allowing for seamless restructuring around the store.

Photo courtesy Nike Inc.