Nike joined several major U.S. businesses this week in a lobbying
effort to convince Congress to approve “strong” climate and energy
legislation. Nike was among seven other companies listed in a full-page
advertisement in the
June 10 Wall Street Journal calling for capping and putting a price on
the pollution that causes global warming.

The ad is written as a letter to President Obama and Congress. The ad
copy says: “Climate and energy legislation that caps carbon and
supports clean energy will keep the inventions here, the companies
here, and the newly-created jobs in engineering, manufacturing and
installation here in the U.S. The time has come to build this future.
It is time for the Administration and Congress to lead the way.”

Nike and the seven other members of a coalition called Business for
Innovative Climate and Energy Policy signed the ad. The other companies
were The Aspen Skiing Co., Symantec, Levi Strauss, eBay, Clif Bar &
Co., Seventh Generation and Starbucks. Other companies outside of the
coalition, including seven major utilities, also supported the effort.