Nau Inc., a new technical and lifestyle outdoor apparel company working towards full sustainability in all of their product and business practices, opened for business with its new Spring 2007 line now available through the company's e-commerce website.

This is just the first step in Nau’s launch plan. Over the next two months four retail store locations will open in Boulder, Bellevue, Portland and Chicago. Termed a Webfront™, these retail locations will boast the best of two shopping worlds by combining the Web with the sophisticated tactile experience of a high-end clothing boutique.

“This is an exciting time for all of us that put our heart and soul into this company, and who believe that finding a better way is a worthy endeavor and never-ending process,” said Nau CEO Chris Van Dyke. “Of course, throughout this process we also plan on selling some really cool clothing.”

The Nau Spring 2007 line includes both men’s and women’s shirts, pants, jackets, and additional gender specific items such as the roundhouse dress.

In recognizing business’ larger responsibility to the community Nau will donate five percent of every sale to an environmental, social or humanitarian charitable organization working towards lasting change on a global, national or local level. Customers will be invited to participate directly in the giving process during each and every sale by selecting which of Nau’s Partners For Change will receive the 5% donation.