Mystery Ranch, the pack company, named polar explorer John Huston to the brand’s ambassador team. Huston is the first artic explorer to join the team, which is comprised of cutting edge climbers, backpackers, hunters, explorers and skiers.

Huston was part of the first American unsupported expedition to the North Pole, and has completed major expeditions to the South Pole, Greenland and Canada’s fabled Ellesmere Island. Coming up in 2018, he is planning a trip to the mountains of Norway and will continue his work as an expedition safety and logistics consultant, wilderness guide and motivational speaker. Huston also works with youth and at-risk teens to grow, develop and encourage fun in wilderness settings.

“I find the most satisfaction from hardworking everyday moments,” said Huston. “Whether it is skiing into the alpenglow of the midnight sun or the camaraderie that comes with a team safely pitching a tent in a howling blizzard, I live for moments in which effort and reward seamlessly flow together.”

“Mystery Ranch makes hard-working, professional backpacks. They get the design and details right, and they don’t cut corners. Those qualities are really important to me and my work,” he adds.

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