Maruman Golf USA has selected Meng & Associates Inc. of Round Rock, Texas, for public relations support in building consumer and trade awareness. Maruman Golf USA is North America’s exclusive distributor for Maruman Golf, the Pacific Rim’s leading name in premium golf clubs.

“Maruman Golf has been well-known internationally for bringing revolutionary concepts to the game of golf, and we’re eager to showcase these premium-quality woods, irons and putters with golfing consumers throughout North America,” says Mike Matheny, president of Maruman Golf USA. “Meng & Associates has a strong track record in the golf industry, and we’re happy to be working with them.”

Unlike many golf club manufacturers today, Maruman Golf employs more than 50 full-time research and development professionals to keep Maruman products ahead of the game. Collaborating with western Japan’s highly respected Kyushu University since 1989, Maruman Golf continues to conduct detailed computer-aided design (CAD) research to develop clubheads that transfer the optimum amount of energy to the ball more efficiently and without loss – the key for increasing initial ball velocity, control and distance.

“We’re very excited about our new relationship with Maruman Golf USA,” says John Meng, president of Meng & Associates. “For more than 15 years, Maruman Golf has proven itself as an innovative leader in advanced design and engineering of premium golf clubs in Japan and throughout the Pacific Rim, yet their message has not often been heard in North America. It’s a privilege for us to work with them in delivering their premium brand message in the U.S. market.”