Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc. (MDA), a provider of instructor education and products for indoor cycling, said it won a federal lawsuit against Pan Holdings, Inc. for cyberpiracy and infringement of its Spin® trademark. Mad Dogg said Pan Holdings, a Massachusetts-based retailer of indoor cycles, had been operating without authorization under the domain

MDA's judgment against Pan Holdings included a permanent injunction against its use of the Spin®, Spinner® and Spinning® trademarks owned by MDA, which is based in Venice CA.

“MDA is committed to providing authorized fitness facilities, Spinning® instructors and Spinning® program participants with the exceptional programming and best-in-class products that have made the Spinning® program one of the most successful group exercise programs in history,” states MDA President John Baudhuin. “Vigorously enforcing our trademarks is critical to ensuring that our customers receive the exceptional quality they have come to expect from us since the Spinning® program originated 20 years ago.”

MDA systematically enforces its rights through cease-and-desist letters and public awareness initiatives including advertisements, direct mailings, fitness club displays and events including its annual World Spinning® and Sports Conference. MDA has licensed the right to use its trademarks to such noteworthy corporations as Nike, Star Trac, and Body by Jake, and has placed its Spinner® brand stationary exercise cycles in numerous films and commercials.

Businesses offering indoor cycling instruction or products are encouraged to contact MDA to ensure that use of any Spinning® related trademarks is consistent with MDA's rights.