Levelwear, the Canadian athletic apparel brand, has partnered with Alliance of American Football, the newly formed professional football league.

“The Alliance of American Football partnership is an exciting new venture for Levelwear,” said Hilton Ngo, the chief executive officer of the company. “We have built a healthy licensed sports business with many of the other professional leagues already, but we really like the new way of thinking the AAF has embraced.”

Levelwear re-upped its partnership with the Canadian Football League in 2018 and has agreements in place with many individual clubs and athletes across the football landscape.

The other apparel licensee for The Alliance is mostly in the on-field wearables space, so Levelwear will be expanding its presence in football, and professional sports in general, with this new agreement.

“As one of only two licensed apparel partners for The Alliance, we will work closely together to bring unique, different, and premium products to the fans, players, and coaches alike,” said Ngo.