Leatherman, a manufacturer of multi-tools, signed on as a sponsor of REI Outessa, three immersive, three-day outdoor adventures designed to connect women with the outdoors in a supportive learning environment.

Through the partnership, Leatherman will host classes focused on the importance of carrying a multi-tool on outdoor adventures and the basic functions of the Leatherman. In addition, the brand will offer more advanced classes so participants can develop their skills in using outdoor multi-tools. This will include learning how to use the tool in various outdoor scenarios like cutting kindling, fixing broken camping gear, starting a fire, preparing camp meals, camping hacks and administering basic wilderness first aid.

“Outessa is such a great event series and we’re excited to welcome participants to Oregon and Mt. Hood,” said Bobbie Parisi, VP of marketing and product at Leatherman, which was founded in Portland almost 35 years ago. “We will offer women a hands-on experience with multi-tools and in turn, they will feel more empowered and independent to go on more outdoor adventures and take on challenges.”

“Last year, REI Outessa was a transformational experience for hundreds of women. We are excited that Leatherman has signed again on to offer hands-on multi-tool classes. Together with Leatherman and other partners, we will help women tap into an emotional and profound connection to nature in her journey to live a life outside,” said Sally Johnson, the events manager for REI who helped create the Outessa series.

Photo courtesy Leatherman