LaserMax, Inc. announced a new minimum advertised price (MAP) policy that becomes effective January 1, 2015.
Aimed at enhancing brand value to our dealer network, the new MAP policy protects the LaserMax brand as a premium accessory provider and preserves the companys reputation for offering quality products, said LaserMax Distribution Sales Manager, Rick Storace. In addition to protecting our competitiveness, safeguarding the image of our products is a key priority for 2015. Adopting MAP gives our dealer network every opportunity to enjoy the benefits of selling a premium brand like LaserMax, and makes a powerful statement that our dealers matter to us.
The new MAP policy applies to all distributors and retailers, including online retailers that resell LaserMax products to consumers.  The Company reports that the new MAP policy will be uniformly enforced. 

After taking effect January 1, 2015, dealers will have to ensure all advertised pricing is within the new MAP structure.  Dealers that have not received the LaserMax MAP and MSRP price schedule for 2015 should either call their distributor or LaserMax Sales directly to receive a copy.
For details about the 2015 LaserMax MAP Policy contact Rick Storace at 585-272-5420 extension 333 or at