LA Gear announced the appointment of artist and designer Alexander-John as its creative director.

Alexander-John is kicking off his new position with the launch of “Light the Way,” a limited-edition women’s sneaker capsule collection, launching on January 14 exclusively on NTWRK.

“We’re so excited to bring on Alexander-John as creative director of LA Gear,” said Jay Jackson, executive vice president of ACI International. “AJ brings a deep passion and artistry of sneaker culture to our brand, which already has a rich history of iconic footwear collaborations. We look forward to seeing all the ways he propels the creativity of LA Gear forward and the products he creates for our existing fan base while expanding our reach to a new customer.”

“My appointment as Creative Director of LA Gear is a full-circle moment for me,” he said. “Being a kid who couldn’t afford the cool sneakers, I’m excited to be able to bring affordability to sneaker culture and to all the kids who would otherwise be without. Growing up in the ’80s, everyone knew LA Gear and their iconic collaborations. I do everything with purpose and meaning and look forward to giving a heartbeat to my LA Gear designs which I would have loved to wear both then and now.”