Long time Sierra Magazine national advertising director and outdoor industry professional, Kristi Rummel has formed a Rummel Media Connections (RMC), a media representative, consulting and business development firm based in Wisconsin.

RMC will produce and direct business development services for new and expanding media brands. Specialties include print and digital publications, non-profit organizations, outdoor, tourism, natural products and equine business categories.

“It wasn’t an easy decision to leave Sierra after 16 years,” Rummel says, “ but given the stage I am at in my life and career it was time to put my expertise to another adventure. I am excited about this new business model and it will allow me to stay involved with Sierra Magazine as a media representative and consultant. New contracts are in and it is very flattering and humbling to hear from all those who have contacted me. This is something I’ve always wanted to do and I’m thankful for the chance to do it.” 


In addition to her almost 30 years in publishing and media sales, Rummel has devoted the last 23 to specializing in the outdoor industry and its’ interests. From serving on various boards of directors to organizing key events and keynote speakers at industry functions to providing leading advertising, marketing and creative expertise, Rummel will bring this level of excellence to RMC.

“We want to specialize in idea generation, forming relationships and partnerships that have the ability to grow over time and create a positive outcome. I have always been skilled at putting the right people together. “I intend to continue to share my ideas, connect people and make us all successful,” adds Rummel.

In addition to Sierra, Rummel has provided business, sales and marketing leadership for such varied magazines as Omni, Compute, Earth, Citi Business Journals and Astronomy. Rummel also is a long time member and supporter of the Outdoor Industry Association, Outdoor Industry Women’s Coalition, The Conservation Alliance, and the Adventure Travel and Trade Association. Rummel was a founding member of the OIA’s Eco Working Group, Paddle Advisory Council and board member of OIWC. She created the first panel discussion on Diversity and Youth, which also spring boarded the 'Inclusivity & the Business of Outdoor' group. She also currently serves on the Choose Outdoors, Board of Directors.

“There are few folks in the world as dynamic, down to earth, and forward thinking as Kristi. You spent 10 minutes with Kristi and you feel like she's been in your family your whole life. Working with her has been a real joy and she flat out gets the job done.” Stacy Bare, Director – Sierra Club, Mission Outdoors.

Kenji Haroutunian, VP at Emerald Expositions states, “Kristi’s strength comes from her calm, personal approach to business and her ability to listen, understand and relate to people from widely disparate view points and origins. I’ve worked with her on different projects over the past decade and find her to be a valuable advisor on broad issues affecting the industry.

“I am fortunate to work in an industry where I can combine my love of the outdoors with my natural abilities to connect with people,” says Rummel. “ I guess it’s obvious why I chose the name I did for my new company.”