announced its launch as what it calls the first socially responsible e-commerce site designed specifically for runners.’s proprietary Free 3 Way Shipping allows customers to
receive newly purchased shoes and return their old shoes at no cost,
while receiving a discount on future purchases.

With Kindness Cash Rewards, customers will receive a $10 credit towards a future purchase when returning their used shoes. has also partnered with UPS to utilize their certified Carbon Neutral Shipping option for all inbound and outbound shipments.

At, returned shoes will bypass local landfills and instead be donated through one of their global partnerships focused on getting shoes to those who need them most. co-founder Michael Conforti says, “’s mission is to change the way runners think about how they use and consume their shoes, while rewarding customers with our eco-centric approach. is the first socially responsible eCommerce website that incentivizes customers to repurpose their used running shoes. We help those in need while reducing a runner’s carbon footprint to its smallest possible size.” 

Through its global partnerships with Soles4Souls, Inc., a global not-for-profit institution dedicated to fighting poverty through the distribution of shoes and clothing, and The MORE Foundation Group, repurposes rubber-soled shoes of all descriptions.’s dual mission of aiding the world’s poorest populations while minimizing U.S. runners global environmental impact is a unique and innovative approach. Unlike other eCommerce sites that profit from a socially-conscious approach, doesnt double its carbon footprint with each pair of shoes sold by producing a second pair.’s mission is to repurpose one pair of used shoes for every pair purchased, and to see that returned packaging materials are properly recycled.

“By finding a new home for worn but durable footwear, is transferring shoes previously worn by runners to those who need proper fitting footwear for basic transportation and protection from injury and disease. This is what being part of the Kindrunner movement is all about,” notes Conforti.

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“We deeply appreciate this commitment by and its customers,” says Buddy Teaster, Chief Executive Officer of Soles4Souls.  “From our experience, we are certain that the social good campaign will result in inspiring personal stories from individuals who have witnessed transformation among their families and their communities.”

At the core of’s eco-centric approach is a strong desire to help runners across the country work together to reduce the number of worn, but usable, shoes that end up in our landfills. A May 2013 study lead by Dr. Randolph Kirchain, at MIT’s Materials Systems Laboratory, found that a typical pair of running shoes generates 30 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions, the equivalent of keeping a 100-watt light bulb on for an entire week. This important study’s results could be the key to finding new ways to reduce carbon emissions.

Although’s mission is predicated on minimizing every runner’s carbon footprint and helping those in the greatest need,’s Virtual Running Shop and Confident Runner Price features ensure every customer’s individual footwear needs are met at the right price. In addition to his venture, Conforti owns and operates three Sneaker Factory Running Centers in northern and central New Jersey. Sneaker Factory’s original location in Millburn, New Jersey, purchased by Conforti in 2005, is New Jersey’s oldest specialty running store, meeting the individual needs of runners since 1978.’s Virtual Running Shop uses a customized fitting process that replicates the tried and true method developed and utilized by his employees for more than three decades.