Keen dropped the Targhee IV boot, made to be “the last hiking shoe you buy,” due to the brand’s Delamination-Free Lifetime Guarantee. 

Delamination is “when the glue used to adhere the rubber sole degrades, causing the sole to peel off the rest of the shoe.” By tradition, Keen reported most shoes, including today, are made using cement construction. Although some steps have been taken to address the problem, the footwear industry still needs to find a solution. 

Keen’s Targhee IV is a step forward with the introduction of Keen.Fusion that creates a “mechanical bond stronger than glue  using heat and pressure to fuse the sole and upper of the boot together into one piece.” Keen is so confident in the construction method that it guarantees the bonds won’t break, “ensuring that any shoe under the warranty is eligible for a replacement or store-issued credit in the amount of the original purchase price should the outsole separate from the midsole or the midsole separate from the upper shoe.” The Targhee IV will be the first shoe backed by this claim.

In line with Keen’s mission to “reduce the impact its shoes have on people and the planet,” the company put the Targhee IV to the test. In its “Test Lab,” the Targhee IV did not break down after 1000 miles of use or after Keen’s “pull machine” attempted to force the shoe apart. The company said that “this enhanced longevity is a result of Keen.Fusion construction, a Luftcell midsole and an abrasion-resistant outsole that’s twice as durable as rubber.”

“I’m thrilled to see our revolutionary Targhee IV come to life. The Targhee IV leverages the latest in Keen.Fusion and Luftcell technology creating footwear that is no longer limited by weak bonds and short-term fixes. This radical boot is a testament to Keen’s long-standing commitment to reducing the impact that our shoes have on people and the planet,” said Scott Labbe, SVP of Global Product and Innovation.

Targhee IV’s Keen.Fusion direct-injection process “eliminates the need for glues and solvents, among the six classes of the most toxic chemicals in consumer products.” As a result, “customers can keep wearing their boots rather than replace them down the line.” 

In addition to the Keen.Fusion construction, features of the Targhee IV include shock-absorbing cushioning, environmentally preferred leather, abrasion-resistant outsole, reinforced lacing, room-for-your-toes fit, waterproof protection, PFAS-free water repellency, and pesticide-free odor control.

Targhee IV comes in 15-plus colors across men’s and women’s specific fits. 

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Images courtesy Keen