Kangol has joined forces with Stereo Skateboards, a.k.a. The Stereo Sound Agency, to release an exclusive line of headwear for SpringISummer '06.

Stereo Skateboards, founded in 1992, is the brainchild of skateboarder/artist Chris Pastras and
skateboarder/actor/photographer Jason Lee. Drawing from street art, 50's and 60's modern design, jazz album
cover art and early men's magazines, Stereo developed a visual style all its own. The Stereo way of life carries a
lightness and humor that promotes individuality and creativity to both youth and adult skateboarders.

Today, Stereo lives on under the moniker The Stereo Sound Agency and has expanded its reach beyond
skateboarding. Looking not only to touch skaters, but artists, musicians, and various cultural tastemakers, the
Agency has collaborated with Etnies to develop signature shoes, introduced a clothing line, curated art shows and
designed a collection of headwear with Kangol. Stereo raises its profile through media coverage around the world,
appearing on a Sirius Satellite Radio show and developing a television pilot. Pastras continues to create the art that
serves as the centerpiece of the Stereo brand, while Lee provides the direction of the visual and film aesthetic.

Kangol was born British in 1938 but raised on the streets of New York during the early 80s when hip-hop
pioneers sparked a fashion trend by wearing English made headwear. However, Kangol is more than just a
fashion brand, it transcends culture, status, and fashion barriers. The essence of Kangol is derived from its
history; heritage mixed with street culture and ingenuity.

Building a partnership with Chris Pastras and Jason Lee of Stereo Sound Agency makes perfect sense,
as Stereo has transformed skateboarding through their originality and distinct artistic style. Both brands
approach every endeavor with free creative expression, pushing the boundaries of their respective industries.

A true industry leader, Stereo created an empire that demonstrates skating as an every evolving art form.

This creative leadership is the spirit of Kangol, which with its SpringISummer '06 Stereo Collection
continues the quest for unique style. With original artwork, by Chris Pastras and Jason Lee, applied to
Kangol classic shapes: the Way Out East Tropic Player, the Traffic Casual, the Cultivate Palmer Trilby, the
Portrait Jetford, this collection is a perfectly blend of Stereo's eccentricity and Kangol's quality. Kangol
continues to collaborate with innovative artists, and cutting edge designers such as Alife, D*face, Apishangel,
SSUR, and Pure Evil.