Kahuna Creations announces a partnership with Spider
Murphy, legendary South African surfboard shaper to create the perfect longboard. The Spider Murphy shaped Kahuna Longboard is created to provide the ultimate all around noserider that has good kick in the tail to help glide through turns and draw strong and flowing lines.

“We created a triple stringer longboard surfboard with Safari foam and the
classic Kahuna Board inspired wood grain look. This surfboard has a flat
rocker, wide nose and even plane shape with a square tail. The Kahuna
Longboard may be the best longboard made for surfers looking for a clean
turning, stable and responsive surfboard”, states Spider Murphy. “We are
very pleased to work with Kahuna Creations to bring these longboards to the
world of surfing.”

“We are incredibly stoked to have been working with Spider over the past
year to create a truly classic and responsive longboard,” states Steve
McBride, Owner/CEO of Kahuna Creations. “The longboards Spider personally
shapes for Kahuna Creations are the culmination of decades of experience and
love of the sport of surfing. We look forward to creating, with Spider and
Set Wave Industries, future versions of these classic longboards.”