TPS Hockey and its parent company Hillerich & Bradsby Co., of Louisville, Kentucky have signed a Letter of Intent to sell majority interest in their global hockey operation to TPS Sports Group Inc., a Canadian Company, lead by industry veteran John Pagotto. TPS Sports Group says it expects to finalize the strategic partnership by the end of August.

“This is good news for hockey players who want innovative, performance-enhancing products. We are extremely pleased to stay a partner in the new entity going forward,” said TPS Hockey President Bill Clark. “H&B brings over 120 years of experience to research and development, manufacturing and customer service from its Louisville Slugger and TPS Hockey brands while TPS Sports Group and its investors bring outstanding experience in manufacturing, distribution, and marketing of products throughout the world.”

“We think our experience and vision for hockey combined with the high performance and innovative TPS Hockey products and Hillerich & Bradsby’s knowledge is a great formula for growth and increased market share for the TPS brand around the world,” adds Mr. Pagotto.

H&B’s Clark and the TPS Sports Group also say that the transition to the new entity will be seamless to the TPS Hockey customers with manufacturing and distribution operations remaining the same. “Proprietary manufacturing and distribution processes in Wallaceburg, Ontario along with proximity to the border will allow TPS to continue servicing its North American retail customers, teams and the NHL players in a fast and efficient manner,” says Pagotto.