J.C. Penney plans to add RS By Sheckler, Rusty surf apparel, and Third Rail a Zoo York Production to its young mens' collections.

S By Sheckler

Founded by Ryan Sheckler, professional skateboard icon and star of the
MTV reality show “Life of Ryan,” RS By Sheckler will feature
skate-inspired graphic t-shirts, hoodies, thermals, woven tops and
skate-fit denim for young men and boys. All mirroring Sheckler's
signature style, the brand will be offered at JCPenney with items
ranging from $26.00 for a tee to $55.00 for jeans.

Although Sheckler still endorses core companies in the skate industry,
he seized the opportunity to create an affordable and accessible
clothing brand that embodies his everyday style. Ryan Sheckler
commented, “Skateboarding is my life and skating in something
comfortable and stylish is a must. Ultimately, my goal was to take the
clothes that my friends and I enjoy wearing and make them available to a
larger audience at a great price.”


One of the world's most renowned surf lifestyle brands, Rusty
will bring its distinct style to a broader audience with a signature
collection of graphic tees, shorts, boardshorts and hoodies for young
men and boys. Known for its authentic surf roots, quality and innovative
products, the brand will provide a fresh assortment to JCPenney
customers, with items ranging from $26.00 for a tee to $55.00 for shorts
and hoodies.

“We're excited to bring Rusty's rich surf heritage to one of the
nation's leading department stores,” said Toby Bost, chief executive
officer of La Jolla Group. “Rusty is an iconic surf brand with one of
the most recognizable logos in the industry. The Rusty collection
for JCPenney will offer authentic, casual beach-inspired product that
appeals to a diverse, aspirational and highly impressionable young
audience. We are stoked to add JCPenney to our growing list of premier
retail partners.”

Third Rail a Zoo York Production

Exclusive to the JCPenney customer, Third Rail a Zoo York Production
is a collection inspired by youth culture which will boast an assortment
of edgy, graphic tees, woven tops, shorts, jeans and jackets for young
men. Recognizing the synergies between urban apparel and the action
sports consumer, this lifestyle brand is a unique blend of both worlds
with items ranging from $26.00 for tees to $50.00 for jeans.

“By expanding our brand offerings to JCPenney, we are connecting more
teens to the action sports culture,” said Marci Tappers, president of
Zoo York. “Partnering with such a well-known department store speaks to
the success of our line and allows us to expand this action sports
lifestyle to more customers at economical prices.”