For changing the way we shift gears on a bicycle

Electronic shifting was inevitable in the bike industry, but ease of use was not. In designing the industry’s first wireless electronic shifting system, SRAM was determined not to complicate the act of riding a bicycle, so it spent years testing its design on the professional WorldTour level. The result is SRAM Red eTap, which uses a shift logic (right lever makes it harder, left lever makes it easier, both levers to change the front ring) to make shifting more intuitive. When paired with the SRAM Red eTap front derailleurs, the eTap shifter optimizes shifts as needed throughout the gear range with no need for rider input. Even after adding a battery to the front and rear derailleurs, SRAM kept their weight at 187 and 239 grams. As a wireless system, the SRAM Red eTap also sheds the cables used by other electronic shifting systems and is widely recognized as easier to install.

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Photo courtesy SRAM