Keiser Corporation has decided to withdraw from the IHRSA 2020 Convention and Trade Show in San Diego, CA due to the continuing global spread of the coronavirus. Keiser is one of a very few companies that has exhibited at every IHRSA Conference since its inception.

A statement released by Dennis Keiser, President of Keiser, shown above, reads:

“Given that the coronavirus is still setting daily records in infections and deaths as it migrates globally, Keiser Corporation has made the decision to withdraw from the IHRSA 2020 Convention and Trade Show. As a manufacturer of exercise equipment that has to be touched to be experienced, we feel that we are potentially supporting the spread of the virus rather than trying to stop it. This risks the health and wellbeing of our customers, staff, and potentially all who attend the Conference.

As a company dedicated to improving the lives of all who use Keiser’s products, we would be remiss if we didn’t take this threat seriously.

Our decision to withdraw did not come easily. Keiser has never missed an IHRSA Convention and we didn’t want to miss this one.

We would like to thank IHRSA for always creating an amazing venue and for all they have done to prepare for this event. Our support of IHRSA remains unchanged as we look forward to future events.”