Honey Stinger, a manufacturer of honey-based nutritional products, partnered with four NCAA universities for the 2016/17 school year.

The company will continue its partnership with the University of Denver (DU) and will add Colorado State University (CSU), the University of Wyoming (UW) and Southern Methodist University (SMU) to its roster of sponsored universities. As an official sports nutrition partner, Honey Stinger will fuel each university’s student athletes and receive signage, marketing and product sampling opportunities.

“Honey Stinger is excited to add more NCAA partnerships and expand our reach to even more student athletes,” said Len Zanni, Honey Stinger’s chief marketing officer. “Whether it’s fueling students while using their universities’ training facilities or varsity athletes during competition, we are thrilled to help support collegiate athletics with our nutritional products.”

Honey Stinger will also have a digital presence on the athletics homepages of DU, CSU, UW and SMU.

Located in Steamboat Springs, CO, Honey Stinger produces honey-based foods including energy and snack bars, protein bars, organic energy gels, organic waffles, gluten free organic waffles, organic chews and energy chews for kids.