According to Adobe Analytics, U.S. retailers generated a record $7.9 billion in online sales on Black Friday and Thanksgiving, an 18 percent gain over the prior year.

Adobe Analytics measures 80 percent of online transactions at 100 major U.S. retailers. Adobe says $7.50 of every $10 spent online goes through its system.

Adobe reported Black Friday online retail sales reached $5.03 billion, up 16.9 percent over last year. Adobe had predicted $5 billion in spend for Black Friday.

U.S. consumers spent a record $2.87 billion at online retailers Thursday, according to Adobe Analytics. In 2016, that number was $1.3 billion. Shoppers even exceeded Adobe’s prediction that Thanksgiving Day spending in 2017 would be $2.79 billion.

From November 1 to November 24, Adobe calculated $38.3 billion in online shopping revenue, 17.8 percent growth year-over-year. This is just over Adobe’s prediction by $0.7 billion.

Adobe said that on Black Friday 54.3 ,percent of retail website visits and 36.9 percent of revenue happened on a mobile device, with conversion rates for tablets up 13 percent year over year, and smartphones up 16.5 percent year over year.

Photo courtesy Macy’s