HO Sports has purchased the assets of Portland based Wakekite Sports, Inc. Wakekite will be fully integrated into the HO Sports organization effective immediately. HO Sports will continue to market Wakekite product under the present Wakekite product identification. A mix of kite boarding and wake boarding, the new sport of “wakekiting” couples a boat and wakeboarder/water-skier with an inflatable, towable kite.

“I am excited to continue HO/Hyperlite’s long tradition of innovation and growth in
water sports. HO/Hyperlite has always had a strong commitment to safety while pushing
the boundaries of the sport. Wakekite gives us the best of both worlds. Wakekite is not a
tube to be ridden upon, but rather an auto – stable inflatable kite that rides above the rider
and is completely controlled by the rider.” said Joyce.

Wakekite’s launch model, the Superfly, has multiple safety elements built in, including
an auto-release handle that sets the kite free from the tow line when the rider simply “lets
go”. The Superfly delivers a sane and incredibly fun answer to the public’s appetite for
big air behind the boat. The result is a much safer experience that allows first timers to
savvy riders a new thrill on the water. “We like to think of wakekiting as wakeboarding
on the moon. With a wakekite you can catch pro-style air but land ultra-soft with the
overhead kite slowing your return to the surface. Wakekiting is not meant to replace
wakeboarding, or even to compete head to head with it; rather, a wakekite represents a
fun new way to ride and expand one’s list of tricks. With a wakekite, a whole list of
never-before-possible tricks is ready to be invented.” said Dan Meyers Co-Founder of
Wakekite Sports, Inc.

Wakekite will launch in Spring 2007.