Hind announced that the Hind Motion Sensor Bra has been named a “GFW Pick” by Golf For Women magazine in “Bra Size Matters.” The review can be found in the September/October 2005 issue of Golf For Women.

“The right sports bra plays a key supporting role in your game by minimizing breast movement and helping to keep you dry and comfortable,” said Golf For Women’s fashion editor Argy Koutsothanasis. “Hind’s Motion Sensor Bra has molded cups for a supportive fit without that tight ‘uniboob’ look,” she added. Golf For Women particularly recommends the Motion Sensor Bra as a good fit for C cups.

“Hind is extremely pleased to be recognized by Golf For Women magazine,” said Brian Enge, senior vice president and general manager of Hind. “Our mantra is to lead by product. We want to consistently generate the most innovative and thought-provoking products in the industry. The Motion Sensor Bra, with its combination of comfort, fit, performance and style, does just that,” added Enge.

According to an NPD Group report, Market Insights: Women’s Bras 2004,64% of women surveyed said bra styling and features are more important than brand name when it comes to making a purchasing decision. With this in mind, the Hind team listened carefully to the criteria that women use to select a sports bra, and then took action: The Motion Sensor Bra is the first bra to have a built-in cup that is breathable, stretchable, and molded, and has the ability to support and fit a larger cup-sized woman. Furthermore, the bra utilizes a new dryLETE technology which provides better moisture transfer, stretchability, breathability, and stain resistance. There is no other bra in the athletic market using this technology.