Engineers at Har-Tru developed a new type of pickleball court to meet the growing demand for play facilities nationwide. The Pickle Flex Pro is a portable indoor pickleball court designed for temporary or permanent installation. Four people can install it in two hours.

Watch a court installation, here.

“The need for additional places to play pickleball has exploded,” said Tracy Lynch, Har-Tru’s vice president of sales and marketing. “Clubs and sporting facilities, convention centers, malls, public parks—everyone’s looking for a place to play. Pickle Flex Pro provides facilities with a versatile and premium surface solution to meet the growing demand for accessible and reliable courts. It’s an excellent product, and we’re proud of the work that’s gone into perfecting it.”

The company made the courts with interlocking tiles coated in Har-Tru Sports Coatings for a hardcourt feel. The design balances performance and comfort for speed of play, ball bounce and foot traction.

Har-Tru has also engineered the court’s surface to reduce the impact on a player’s body. Its design “creates a force reduction of more than 17 percent and energy restitution of 80 percent, to provide players with longer, more comfortable matches—even when playing at high-level intensity,” the company reported.

The Pickle Flex Pro court took center stage at the 2023 Pickle In The Land tournament. Three courts were installed temporarily on the floor of the Huntington Convention Center Cleveland. The courts performed for three days of professional play and then removed for future use.

The Pickle Flex Pro comes in two sizes: Standard and Mini. The Standard court is a regulation-size pickleball court, and the Mini is about half that size. Each Pickle Flex Pro court fits on two pallets for shipping.

The courts are coated in Har-Tru Sports Coatings, an acrylic surfacing paint designed for professional sports. Standard court colors are Championship Blue, Championship Green and Light Blue. Custom colors and multi-court installations are available on request.

Images and video courtesy Har-Tru