Apparel maker Gramicci said organic blends now represent over 60% of the offering in men’s wear and 65% in womens wear. New this year are environmental impact standards in manufacturing, dye and water usage as well as responsible fiber sourcing.

The 27-year old outdoor performance and lifestyle brand continues to unveil more organic proprietary blends to the market under President Marty Weening. At retail, Weening is convinced these special collections will rival similar products of non-organic origin.

The organic line and products made of sustainable materials, has doubled in each of the last two years-with unique blends that now represent over 60% of the offering in men’s wear and 65% in womens wear, 2010 shows a 20% increase from the same time last year.

The new manufacturing standards support Gramiccis mission of low environmental impact. For example theses manufacturing standards now reduce dye time by 50%, subsequently reducing water and energy use. In addition the company has received full certification on its fabrics and manufacturing from GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), OE Blended and OE 100 organizations. The company’s factories are fair labor compliant where its workers are receiving a fair wage and working in a clean environment with no child labor. 

Supple fabric finishes are a trademark of the Gramicci brand, the company has now added the G –Natural Age Wash-an eco -friendly molecular protein wash that requires less energy and time to achieve a soft worn and weathered appearance.