Golf rounds in April tumbled 42.2 percent, according to Golf Datatech. Play was significantly impacted by the closures of many golf courses around the United States due to lockdowns related to the coronavirus.

However, due to a patchwork of governmental regulations and actions, some states were completely closed to play, others were open for part of the month and closed for the rest, and some stayed open the entire time and drew in golfers from surrounding states.

The smallest decline was seen in West North Central, down 11.9 percent; followed by Mountain, down 14.7 percent; South Central, 26.1 percent; and South Atlantic, 26.6 percent. The steepest decline was seen in Mid Atlantic, down 83.6 percent with major declines also seen in Pacific, 77.8 percent; East North Central, 62.3 percent; and New England, 66.2 percent.

For the year-to-date period, golf rounds are down 15.6 percent. Golf rounds played for March fell 8.5 percent following gains of 19.1 in February and 11.1 percent in January. In 2019, golf rounds played rose 1.5 percent, the first increase in three years.