Giordana Cycling expanded its gravel riding line with the Beyond Gravel Collection, which includes fashion-forward technical lifestyle pieces suitable for wear on and off the bike. 

The apparel collection features layers designed for various conditions using Merino Wool for temperature adaptability, Cordura for abrasion resistance and moisture-wicking treatments. Neutral colors, plaids, and prints add a wearable edge for styling. Silhouettes include lightweight jackets, button-down shirts, cycling jerseys, bib shorts, cargo styles and other performance wardrobe staples.

“Gravel riding is about versatility. The Beyond Gravel Collection is technical lifestyle fashion for high-energy days on or off the bike,” said Julian Andretta, creative director at Giordana Cycling. “We know that cycling is more than just a sport to our riders. It’s a lifestyle that often dictates the course of their day. We want riders to feel confident with their kit and empowered to wear it beyond the bike in a way that naturally fits right into the rest of their day.”

The Giordana brand mission is to “enhance the cycling experience of everyone who rides.” Seen in a recent collaboration with luxury fashion designer Kristopher Brock, Giordana emphasizes the “transcendence of technical fashion by continuing to merge design concepts of both fashion and function.” 

With the versatility of the Beyond Gravel Collection, Giordana reminds consumers that they can “express themselves with their cycling wardrobe and make functional items work off the bike as well.” 

To view the collection, go here or see it on the company’s Lookbook here. To shop the collection, go here.  

Images courtesy Giordana Cycling