Foresight Sports, the manufacturer of golf simulators owned by Vista Outdoor, partnered with Awesome Golf, the subscription-based golf simulation software maker. Under the partnership, Foresight Sports’ GCQuad, GCHawk, GC3, and Bushnell Golf Launch Pro users can access Awesome Golf’s simulator software programs.

“Foresight Sports’ users are going to really appreciate our software solution,” said owner of Awesome Golf, Gavin Hamer. “Awesome Golf is fun to use. The games are designed to encourage players of all abilities to come back time and again, which is when game improvement starts to happen.”

Tim Briand, director of business development of Foresight Sports, said, “As our community grows and we serve a more diverse user base, we’ve heard the need for a tablet-based golf simulation and practice environment. Awesome Golf meets that need and more through their fun, engaging environment and experience. We’re excited to partner with them to build new options onto our native Foresight software platform.”