Flat Fitty, the maker of headwear for the action sports market, will be relocating from its Shenzhen, China production offices to its Carlsbad, CA offices in the immediate future.

“My team and I are relocating stateside to aggressively execute our brands strategic goals,” said CEO Tian Winters. “Along the way we will continue to create more value for our product; cultivating new business avenues, hiring exceptional personnel, developing and managing new partnerships, all the while expanding our valued network of brand evangelists. It is important to get back to the states today and start educating our customers and partners exactly how Flat Fitty manufactures and delivers at a higher quality level.”

“The Shenzhen based team is simply awesome,” explains Waters. “I am relocating at the perfect time as our North American growth really starts to explode and now needs to be directed.  I'm leaving China with a highly productive staff of superstars firmly in place, difference makers that have risen to star status on countless occasions. True leadership develops under stressful conditions and there are possibly none on this planet like those found in China. Flat Fitty has been able to staff, train and excel with XPats and locals alike, they have achieved and now maintain absolutely the best quality in headwear today. Their leadership, dedication and passion for Flat Fitty have laid the groundwork for a decade of headwear change.”