FWA (Favorite Website Awards) awarded Vibram FiveFingers' YouAreTheTechnology microsite with the coveted Site of the Day award. The site illustrates the “naked truth” about running, by underscoring the power and 'natural technology' of the human body.

“As the leaders of this emerging category of natural footwear, it's essential that we establish a high standard for media communication. We want our messaging to be fresh, innovative, and challenge the status quo,” explained Georgia Shaw, marketing manager for Vibram FiveFingers, in a statement. “The timing of this site coincides with the tremendous growth of the natural running movement as well as the successful launch of our much-anticipated running model, the Vibram FiveFingers Bikila.”

Created in partnership with NAIL, a marketing and advertising firm in Providence, RI, the site showcases a male and female athlete wearing nothing but their Vibram FiveFingers. Their bodies are tattooed with written observations on the natural running movement and the running shoe industry. Using several innovative techniques, the site is essentially a beautifully shot short film that lets visitors explore the model's naked bodies for supporting evidence and advice.

The www.YouAreTheTechnology.com site, launched in July of this year, is now in the running for FWA's Site of the Month and has received an overwhelming number of accolades from consumers and the design industry.