Fitlight, the wireless athletic training system driven by light sensors, signed WNBA All-Star Erica Wheeler, shown above, as an official brand ambassador.

Wheeler is currently using a customized Fitlight Trainer with Fitlight accessories as she prepares for the upcoming 2020 WNBA season with the Indiana Fever.

During the 2019 season, Wheeler finished second on her team in scoring and first in assists, earning her a spot in her first WNBA All-Star Game. She went on to become the first undrafted WNBA player to win the All-Star MVP.

“Fitlight has been a fantastic addition to my workouts. Their system is unlike anything I’ve used before and does a great job of replicating the quick decisions I need to make on the floor as a point guard,” said Wheeler. “This offseason has been different due to COVID-19. When I step foot onto the IMG Academy campus for the upcoming WNBA season, I want to have the edge on my competition. Fitlight is helping me prepare to do that. I’m excited to become a brand ambassador and showcase this technology to my teammates and the youth I work with through my foundation.”

“Erica is a terrific talent who has rapidly improved during her career and our goal is to help her continue to improve as an athlete,” said Rob Bouw, director of sales at Fitlight. “With Erica as an ambassador, we can reach a broader audience, and with her infectious enthusiasm and energy, she aligns directly with the brand. She’s in the prime of her career professionally and the work she does in the community with the next generation of athletes is inspiring. Fitlight is already well represented within the NBA; the WNBA is growing faster than ever and we’re ecstatic to welcome Erica to our team.”

Photo courtesy Yahoo Sports