The Finish Line, Inc. has signed a distribution agreement with Warmbat Australia to carry the company’s Kangaroo Classic line of sheepskin boots in select locations beginning in October 2007.

“Our buyers and merchandisers always work hard to stay out in front of the trends, finding the products our customers want,” said Glenn Lyon, president of Finish Line.

“With the ongoing popularity of sheepskin boots, we carefully evaluated several brands for quality, style, comfort and price, and Warmbat was the right choice,” said Sam Sato, Finish Line’s executive vice president and chief merchandise officer. “Our customers want trendy, fashionable and comfortable footwear at a great price. Warmbat delivers on all of this, and we’re excited to introduce our customers to this great brand.”

Warmbat Australia’s full line features boots, sneakers, slippers, casuals and sandals, as well as a line of Eco-Friendly Sheepskin products that are tanned with a chrome-free tanning agent that is recyclable and biodegradable.

“Finish Line has a great reputation and Warmbat is very excited to partner with them to bring our sheepskin boots to a bigger audience,” said Perth, Australia native Paul Barclay, founder and president of Warmbat Australia. “We have a great opportunity to show Finish Line customers how stylish and comfortable a quality sheepskin boot can be.”