In an exclusive interview with SPORTS EXECUTIVE WEEKLY, Fila’s newly appointed SVP of Global Footwear, Mikal Peveto laid out his vision and objectives for the latest incarnation of the brand.

Peveto most recently was a partner in, an internet company he co-founded, and served as a consultant to several major athletic shoe brands. Prior to, Peveto was international business unit manager four running at Adidas for six years and spent seven years at Nike, where he was a product manager in the running category.

While describing Fila as “the fourth best known global footwear brand”, Peveto said his immediate goal is to “build revenue.” Longer term, he talked about “unleashing the power of the brand.” Peveto articulated his vision for the brand as an “authentic sports brand with superior lifestyle appeal.” He went on to say that being “technically sound” is an important point of entry in today’s marketplace.

Peveto divided the Fila brand into three major categories: Performance, Lifestyle, and Essentials. Performance will be realized in Basketball, Running, and Soccer. Lifestyle, the biggest portion and Fila’s heritage, will build upon some of the key selling items at retail today. Essentials or “core basic affordable footwear” rounds out the portfolio.

Noting that the line built for Europe will have to be different than for the U.S. market, Peveto said Fila’s twelve designers in Italy were as “creative a group as anywhere in the industry.” Peveto went on to say, “European lifestyle is no longer taking direction from the U.S. anymore.”

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