“We are excited to bring this new, versatile boot and bootie to our passionate [female] customers who have been asking for a winter style from us. Oofos’ mission is to make people feel better, and we are thrilled that the new OOmg Boot and Bootie will allow [women] to experience our unparalleled comfort and support and Feel the OO all year long, no matter the temperature outside.” — Steve Gallo, President, Oofos


OOfoam impact-absorbing recovery technology is now available in a winter boot and bootie this winter from Oofos just for women. The recovery technology absorbs 37 percent more impact than traditional footwear foams and is scientifically proven to make the body feel better by reducing stress on the joints.

The two designs are water resistant, lightweight with a quilted upper and easily packable. Oofos is offering one colorway this season, black, but will expand the color selection next year and is expected to include a men’s booties as well. Oofos’ design team came up with a brilliant solution to attach a fabric upper without compromising Oofos’ OOfoam technology, and with patented footbed design opening the doors for endless possibilities.

Photos courtesy Oofos