Evernham Sales Associates, Inc., an independent hunting, shooting and law enforcement manufacturer’s representative agency serving 13 Midwest states,  adds four new sales representatives.  They are:

Scott Cusack – Missouri (Senior Representative)
With 27 years of  sales and industry experience Scott Cusack joins the Evernham team as territory representative for all accounts in Missouri.

“Scott brings loads of professional experience to our team and I know the accounts in his territory will take full advantage of his abilities,” said President of Evernham Sales Associates President Mike Evernham. “We are truly excited to have the opportunity to work with Scott and to learn from his experience.”

Tony Yates – Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska (Representative)
Yates is a former law enforcement officer and security contractor with specialized training and experience including, Tactical Response Team, Team 2 Sniper and Entry. F.B.I. Sniper School and MTOA S.W.A.T. Schoo.  He also is a NRA Firearms Instructor School, Patrol Rifle Instructor.

“Tony is obviously a very capable individual. But more than that, he is one of those guys that has the ability to be utterly professional while still being a nice guy. His customers are really going to enjoy having him be their new Rep,” said Evernham

Chris Miller – Ohio (Representative)
As an experienced salesperson and avid outdoorsman, Chris is passionate about waterfowling, fishing and hunting and is determined to tackle the challenges of an extremely competitive Ohio marketplace.

“Chris brings a professional attention to detail and a truly service oriented approach to working with his clients. His customers are going to really benefit from his abilities,” said Evernham.

Dave Adney – Michigan (Representative)
Since 1996, Dave has worked in the uniform and equipment industry, on the retail side as an outside salesman and as a store manager; and as a factory rep, most recently with ASP. He trained at Gunsite Academy, and is also a Glock armorer.

“Dave has great experience, both as a salesman and as a practical user from the Law Enforcement perspective. His deep knowledge of the products and their implementation will really be an asset to his Michigan territory customers,” said Evernham.